Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Truck Tuesday - Colorful food truck

Someone from the place where I volunteered told me about some food truck that hangs around every Monday from 500 pm at the light rail station.  Last night on our way home from grocery shopping, we stopped by at this place. Lo and behold there were at least ten very colorful food trucks and people were starting to all line up.  We decided to check it out and end up buying our dinner and taking it home.  I am pleased that most of my photos were clear so I can share it with you all.

This was Jeff's pick - he ordered the deep fried shrimp - 8 pieces for $8
There was a long line up and I could not check their menu.
This is were I got my dinner called Sandwich with no name (Gruyere Cheese and smoked salmon)
Different kind of burger joint
Asian Noodles with an assorted choice of skewers (beef,pork,seafood,chicken)
This was Jeff's first choice but they weren't even ready to serve.
Waffle with all sort of toppings.
Different kind of BBQ
Maybe next time my daughter and her husband are visiting, these trucks will be available.  I know that on Fridays, there are some other trucks in another location in San Jose.  We hope to check that out too and post more photos.

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  1. I'm so impressed by your clear photos. You are getting better at it!

    I would have chosen the same food trucks as Jeff.