Thursday, September 6, 2012

Truthful Thursday - Champagne Birthday for Gamble

Gamble, my step grandson is celebrating his champagne birthday today.  He is going to be six years old today the 6th of September.  Since he is not old enough to have a drink drink, we will just celebrate it for him and have a six shots, or six beers or six glasses of wine or six AMF.  Wait a minute that's a lot of drink.  Oh bother, I can't do this.  We will be attending his birthday party and this year he is having a Bowling Party.  It will be for sure a different party because it appears to be more for the adult relatives and friends instead of his little friends from school.  We were a bit more organized than last year because we have bought his gifts a few days ago and actually bought some clothes about a month ago.  Here's what we bought for the fun part. 
Monster jam/truck theme
Six $1 crisp bill to be placed inside the birthday card
Cars blow up pool and slide

Unfortunately we were advised last night that his party has been cancelled.  I wish that we were allowed to plan and host his 6th birthday party since this is his champagne birthday and it's special.  I would have invited his little friends from school and maybe take them to Golf Land and have Pizza and cake.  I just hope that his parents does a little something for him.

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  1. Did you know that you just recently hit over 10,00o pageviews?!?!

    Poor Gamble. The little guy deserves a cool party for his champagne birthday. I hope he ends up getting to do something fun.