Friday, September 14, 2012

Face to Face Friday - Best Way

There is only one perfect way to reconnect with friends - FACE to FACE.  This is a continuation of my blog from yesterday.  It has been over a year since I last saw Gina and Gary.  I truly appreciate that they took extra time during their California vacation to stop by and visit us.  There are so many stories to share and updates on the latest stories from the place that I use to work.  Last night I made those Authentic Filipino Dinner (lumpia, pancit, BBQ pork (using my own marinade) and for dessert was Kahlua coconut creme caramel flan with snickerdoodle cookies and a few slice strawberries. I was planning on making Mexican food for tonight but I just found out Gary is not into it so we need to do a change of plans. We will be hanging out with them at home since they have been on the go for the last couple of weeks and this is their last stop.  Just hanging out and talking about old times is a great way to really visit.  If we get bored, we might try and do a round of golf.  Gary loves to play those tough course with elevation and great scenery so I suggested for them to try The RANCH.    
Last night's dessert. 
They will be heading home tomorrow and I wish them a safe flight home.  Both of them travel a lot for work so hopefully we will see them in our CPBB again.  It was such a pleasure having my friends from Canada take the time to stop and visit us.  I look forward to seeing them hopefully next year either in Canada or in the US. 

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