Thursday, February 3, 2011

Truthful Thursday - Too Tempting

Temptation - the desire to have something or do something that you know you should avoid.
Whenever this act circles in your mind, it always involves a lot of fights between good and bad, right or wrong, and at times even happy and sad.  How do you fight it?  Do you even care? Let me share some of my temptations separated into desire to HAVE's:
  • New set of golf clubs - Lady Fairway 
  • Golf Cart - Bag Boy Automatic Push Cart
  • Nike Women's Metallic Pink Air Summer Lite III
  • Tennis Bag - Head Tour Team Combi
  • Tennis Nike Bandana - Federer style
  • International Traveler 24 in. shiny dot-2 wheel hard side upright luggage
  • Emerald Green Contact Lenses
  • Silver or Gold flip flop that glitters
  • Book a vacation and surprise Jeff (not happening - he does not life surprises)
  • Enrol in a swimming class ( just kidding)
and DO something you know you should avoid:
  • Have a Lychee Martini at a nice bar (too much sugar)
  • Eat a double scoop of Jamoica Almond Fudge from Baskin and Robbins (too much sugar)
  • Have lunch at an All U can eat SUSHI - (too much carbs - rice)
  • Eat a very rich desert after having a nice dinner - (too many carbs)
  • Drive over the speed limit (my friends in Canada would not believe this)
  • Scream at the kid seated behind you (who is constantly kicking your chair) while watching a movie.
  • Brag about the beautiful weather in San Jose, CA to my friends in Canada.
  • Gloat about being retired and not putting up with office politics.
  • Being glued to the TV because of Tennis and Golf and not doing my chores.
  • Watch something scary so that I can't sleep for fear of nightmares.
The truth is, even if I don't get the items on the "desires to have" list, I can honestly say I am still very content with what I have in my life now.  As Jeff always says "it doesn't take much to keep me happy".  Although you feel the need to do certain things, sometimes it's best to just LET IT GO.

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