Monday, February 7, 2011

Maybe Monday - Missed step

What happens when you really want to win your tennis match and you go for every shot? I did that on the weekend and while trying to reach a high lob shot from Jeff, I lost my balance backing up, landed on my flat behind at the same time used the left palm of my hand to break the fall.  My head did not touch the pavement because of my pony tail that served as the cushion. As I lay on the ground, Jeff jumps over the net to make sure I was OK.  I was a little dizzy so I sat on the bench and had a sip of my pomegranate ice tea.  Then I needed to lay down for a few minutes.  I did not think I was really messed up, I thought it was more of the shock of the fall. All of a sudden I heard someone asking Jeff if we were done playing.  Do you think I would give up?  Of course not.  I got up and continued playing and actually won the next set 6-0.  After our game, I took time to smell the roses - not just a saying.  I did, because it was such a beautiful day.  It almost felt like spring. I thought that I would share the photos of the flowers that was around the tennis court.  I just hope that my hand and my behind won't be too bruised because I did ice it when we got home.  At my age, I should really take it easy and not get too aggressive and competitive.  It's really all about the workout we get out of the game and it's not the scores.  That's what Jeff keeps telling me.
The Flowers surrounding the tennis court at Miyuki Park

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