Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snooping Saturday - Steph's Closet

It was time to change my toe nail polish.  The design that I just removed was the ZEBRA pattern. I showed it to my daughter and she liked it. Yesterday, it was my hobby afternoon.  After doing all my errands, I sat and check out what design I will do next on my toe nails and finger nails.  While checking for designs, I bumped into this blog - Steph's Closet.  There it was a gallery of nail art.  Here's the link:
This will be  one blog that I will check for new ideas for my nails, although I already know a lot of designs without looking at other images.  As far as showing my nail art on my blog, I am not sure I am comfortable showing photos of my toes.  I guess I can share the designs I have done on my finger nails.  
The nail design that I do for my toes are much more detailed than these designs for my fingers.  Maybe someday I can feature all the designs I have done if I can figure out how to take better photos of my toes without feeling a little weird.  With all the latest nail polish colors and the tools that you can get for nail art,  I have not been to a salon to get a pedicure because I love creating new designs on my toes almost every 2 weeks.  This will be too costly if I was getting it done and sometimes they chip easily and I am sure most of you hates it when your polish are chipped or scraped or half peeled.  Doing it by myself gives me that option of changing it as soon as I see an imperfection.  This is one of the benefit of being retired, I really have the time to do my own manicure and pedicure any time.

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