Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday - No stinkin' party

Superbowl Sunday - that's right, we are not going to any party, a pub or bar.  We are staying home to watch this big sporting event from our TV.  What do I really know about Superbowl?  It's one Sunday where most Americans and even Canadians will be glued to their TV.  Most bars will have some sort of party with special drinks or special snacks in conjunction with football.  Last year for Superbowl Sunday, we were invited to a very good friends home.  There were a lot of food, drinks and most of our friends were there.  There's a couple of poker tables going, a group just chatting in the kitchen and a football pool you can donate your money and pick a square and write your name.  It's always a good turnout and it's great to see other friends that we don't work with.  For sure this year, the party will be at their place.  I miss all of them. Who are you cheering for Greenbay Packers or Pittsburgh Steelers?  Will you be going to a house party or a bar or just staying home like us?  

What I would really like to see is probably the half time show especially the Black Eyed Peas and Maroon 5.  It was also interesting to hear that there will be no Cheerleaders as these 2 teams don't have any.  Does that make the team less manly or more manly since there are no girls involved in their team?  Good luck to all who are wishing their teams to win this years Superbowl.  I just hope that it will be a real exciting game because there's no other sports show that I can flip channel.

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  1. cheers to an exciting game! i'm cheering for the Pittsburgh Steelers since the new beau is cheering for Green Bay. LOL!

    i'm watching the game at this little healthy fast-food resto with Leesh, Mike & Reggie. it's where Just Desserts used to be. they finally have their liquor license. $5.50 pints, 55c wings, $8.99 big nachos and i'm adding cassava fries to this meal!

    have a great superbowl Sunday!