Saturday, February 12, 2011

Simply Saturday - Sponge Bob Squarepants

Such a simple game played over and over brings so much joy to our grandson, Gamble who had a sleepover last night.  The game was called Sponge Bob Squarepants Dominoes.  I am sure you know how to play this game but if you don't know the characters it's a little difficult.  Gamble would ask if I have a Gary which is really a snail - I did not know this.  Then he would ask if I have a Sandy, Squidword, Plankton and Crabs.  The only one I recognize is Sponge Bob and Patrick.  So as you can see, I learned all the characters last night, thanks to Gamble.  He was a good sport because he would be OK when he loses and does not jump up and down when he wins.  The only thing we had to explain to him was the double tile to start the game.  I think I got really lucky because I won a few of the rounds.  Every now and again, he would say, "what OLA wins again?
Sponge Bob, Gary, Patrick, Sandy, Mr. Crab, Plankton, Squidword
We were planning to make a couple of Valentine's card today so Gamble can give it to his parents when he gets home.  Last night before going to bed he was a little scared because he saw the smoke detector.  We are not sure why all of a sudden he was afraid of it.  He had been sleeping in the same room when he stays over but it started the last time he was here.  He said he cannot sleep with the lights off because he still can see the WHITE STUFF.  So I let him lay down in the couch beside me and within a few minutes he was sound asleep. 

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