Sunday, February 27, 2011

Soulful Sunday - Sweet Grandson

When a little boy says "I love you, Ola" or "Ola makes the best breakfast" it just makes all your worries or issues go away.  This was the weekend that we have Gamble sleepover.  He stays with us on Friday night and goes home after lunch or dinner on Saturday.  He got so excited when he saw a new toy that was just sitting on the bookcase.  It was Alysia's belated Christmas gift. He asked me who bought it for him and I told him it was given to him by the same person who gave the other CARS toy the last time.  So he said "Oh Alysia".  He played with this toy the whole evening and then he wanted to play with his LEGO CARS and asked Jeff to build it with him. After Jeff finished, he gets closer to Jeff and says "I love you Grandpa".  When he got bored with it, he wanted to play with the Angry Bird on my phone.  I let him play with it for a bit with a promise that he would go and take a shower after.  Sometimes we have to do a lot of convincing but when he found out the new bath mat, he stayed in the shower, played and got very clean.  When it was close to bed time,  we let him play with Angry Birds one more time and had to problem going to bed.  In the morning, he woke up and wanted breakfast.  Jeff made his favorite dollar pancakes while I cooked him bacon, turkey sausage and ham.  That's when he said, Grandpa makes the best pancake.  We did a lot yesterday from getting groceries, laundry, setting the table, playing hide the pink pig or brown bear (new game invented by Alysia's cousin who was visiting us.  He did not really want to go home and wanted to stay one more night.  I took his picture while we were out for lunch. 
Serious Look       Fake Smile        Charmer

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