Friday, February 11, 2011

Finally Friday - a nice surprise

The car I am driving had a recall so I had to bring it to the dealership for the part to be replaced. Instead of waiting for the car to get done, I opted to take a walk to check out some of the stores around the area.  After half a block, there it was a small plaza with a Michael's store.  I new that I could spend a few minutes at that store but before I got there, the third store on my left had the flashing neon lights - EYE BROW THREADINGThere was no decision making here, I opened their door ask if she is free and how much it was.  The answer I got was pretty good so I sat and got it done.  The salon is called IMAGE and the young woman that did it was very polite, friendly and she did a great job.  So after 6 months of searching, now I have a great place to go.

It was getting close to lunch so I checked out a place called DIM SUM KING.  It's a take out place with a small section for seating.  You can order a lot of different variety of dim sum but the good part is you can order one, two or three pieces.  I tried to get a taste of what I like and it was all good.  It was inexpensive, a lot of flavor and very fresh.  The other benefit is you can seat on the outside patio and enjoy your lunch while getting some warmth of the sun.

After spending most of my morning at the car dealership, I figured I need to do something fun.  Well, I am sure by now you know what I would do on a beautiful afternoon.  That's right, I stopped by my favorite fun course.  I met a couple of new seniors and our fourth one is another senior that I met on one of my other visits with Jeff.  I think his name is Shah and he got a HOLE in ONE on the 8th hole.   When we were walking towards the green, he keeps saying that he knew his ball was on the green and may have rolled to the back.  We helped him looked for the ball and couldn't find it.  When I walked to the flag, there it was, Mr. Shah's ball.  That was a nice surprise. 

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