Friday, October 31, 2014

Flu Friday - Trick or Treat

Exactly a week ago I went with my MIL and got our flu shot.  Today I have a mild flu with pain in joints and muscles, fatigue, a mini cold and off and on body heat.  It never fails for at least 4 years in a row.  So that is the TRICK, you get the shot to avoid the flu but you get it anyway.  The TREAT is that I get to do nothing, just rest and let the body heal without taking any medications.  Jeff is a great nurse which helps me get better quicker.  The other treat is that today is Halloween and we will end up with the leftover candies.  The trick is to buy only the ones we like so that we can enjoy the rest. Last weekend we attended a costume party and we chose to be a team of Pilot and co-pilot with our own CranberryAir. We have to thank our friend Jean for allowing us to borrow from her daughter's collection of Halloween costume. Thank you Ashley!

Husband and wife team. It was a perfect evening as we just walked to the party.
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