Sunday, October 12, 2014

Special Sunday - Happy Thanksgiving Canada

Happy thanksgiving Day to all my family and friends in Canada.  When I moved to California four years ago, we celebrated the Canadian thanksgiving at our home since my friends from Canada were visiting.  It was fitting to have a small gathering and they were so happy that we had a thanksgiving dinner.  The second year, we still celebrated it but only my MIL and my cousins were with us.  The third year, we did not do anything since everyone is not really into it in October as they only celebrate the US thanksgiving which is the last Thursday of November.  Since every Sunday we have my MIL for dinner, it's almost like every Sunday is a special day.  It all began the year I moved in with Jeff and we have continued since.  Since Jeff still works, the weekend is perfect for spending time with family.  Although I see my MIL during the week, Sunday is her time with Jeff.  Let us give thanks to all our blessings.

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