Monday, October 13, 2014

Momentary Monday - BFF's visit

Just got a call from my BFF (Lorna) and she's on her way.  I am so excited because she picked me to be her first holiday after retirement.  Although I got a chance to see her last month, it is still something I look forward to always.  She mentioned that she has a little surprise for me but she's not sure how well it will travel.  At first I wonder, could it be a Beaver Tail (my all time favorite pastry from Canada).  Now I just need to be patient and wait.  We have been friends since 1995 while I was on a two year assignment in our national headquarters.  She was also on assignment and we got along right from day one.  We both have been present at our second wedding.  Sometimes we would travel together to places that are both new to us.  She's always been there for me, through good times and bad.  For my 50th birthday, my retirement party and most special when I lost my son.  She flew to be by my side, within a few hours after I told her the saddest news of my life.  Oops, I got carried away.  This is actually a special post to let everyone know what a special friend she is.
I have planned some interesting things for us to do while she is visiting.  In case I miss my daily post, it means I have having a great time with Lorna.  Today I have been busy sewing some things for her which I hope she will like.  It's a surprise so I won't post it until later.

This was three years ago when I visited her the week of her birthday.

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