Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tenacious Tuesday - Jeff the gardener

It has been a while since I checked our front yard to see what has been growing.  I did notice some of the plants that Jeff added this summer has grown so much.  Yesterday when I got home I decided to take some photos to share what has happened to all these plants.  Jeff is really getting into the gardening.  Our backyard has a bigger planter box for all the different vegetables he is trying to grow.  Right now they are just little tiny sprouts and there's not much to show.  Jeff also started reading some gardening books as well as online DIY on growing certain crops.  It's weird that the pineapple plant and dragon fruit are showing some signs of growth.  Not sure if they would survive the winter months because both are tropical fruits.  Anyway, let me show you some of the produce and some of the plants.

The lime tree use to bear one or two fruit per season when it was in a pot, now that it's on the ground it has at least 20.

A mandarin orange? This one was also in a big pot in the backyard, now there's at least 6 oranges.

It's still small but this is butternut squash and there's at least 8 and a few more flowers.

Some sort of small daisy, when we planted this it was such a small plant.

Not sure what this is, but it's suppose to be a ground cover.  This one was so tiny when I planted it.

The beginning of some palm trees which for some reason just started growing in our front yard.


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