Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Washable Wednesday - Reversible Apron

When you use a particular kitchen item, you would want them to be easy care and ironing required.  Lately the items I am making have to meet those requirements.  It's a great gift for people who love home made crafts and are original.  Sometime in November, my neighbor and I are thinking of having a One day boutique sale in our area.  Which is the reason why I have been busy sewing different items that are easy to make but are very useful.  For now I just wanted to share the items that I made for my friend Lorna.  Since she recently moved to a new home, she has different color scheme for her kitchen.  She wanted some kitchen towels but I added a potato bag and a plastic bag holder.  I can't remember if she wears apron when she cooks, but hopefully now she can because she will have one that is reversible.

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