Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Whirlwind Wednesday - So mixed up

After being away from our home for almost a month, it's taking me a few days to get back to the swing of things which includes my blogging.  There are so many things to share during our trip but I also have some other things to share.  For today I will just do a mixed up of photos that I have taken within the last few days.  Since I might have new readers/followers, I really wanted to keep my posts current and hopefully make it more interesting to view.

Something new to try.  It's actually not bad if you like cheese and garlic.  This might only be available in the US.

It's like Christmas in October. When I arrived my MIL gave me a bag from my cousins. I love all my early present.
Jeff and I decided to get our Halloween treats early. Only our favorites - in case of leftovers.

I remember when my friendly neighbor bought this last August.  This is one of my favorite flower.

A pineapple slice with a half of a Klondike Heath Ice Cream bar.  So yummy!

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