Friday, October 17, 2014

Feeling Good Friday - My guest blogger

I can't believe it's already Friday!  It really should be called 'Feeling Good' Friday, because when you stay at the Cranberry Portage you can't help feeling good.  I'm being treated like royalty; from the gourmet meals (Luckie is amazing in the kitchen), to the memorable excursions, to the quiet times when we just talk (it's been great getting to know Jeff)!!! Luckie and I already have a 'pile' of special memories, and now, thanks to her commitment to our friendship, I have many more to think about.  I can't wait to place my ceramic dish (painted by me) and hand-made towel set (made by Luckie with Love) in my new kitchen.  Every time I see it, I will remember by dear friend. Thank you for being you!!! 

Your forever friend,

Cinnibar Wine Tasting Room, Saratoga

Lorna's serving plate from Petroglyph, Willow Glen
Luckie's new syrup set for her B&B

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