Monday, October 20, 2014

Mopey Monday - She had to

She deserves to freeze her buns off in Canada because she left.  We were just starting to have some great fun and her husband demanded her return.  I really did not understand the reason for the rush as she is retired.  We could have had more time to do some creative stuff (see first photo) but at the same time, we would have done some damage.  Her suitcase was stuffed like the thanksgiving turkey.  Every nook and cranny is full.  I was trying to convince her to take my big black luggage that I have been trying to get rid off,  NO GO.  Hopefully the next guest can take it back to Canada.  She promised to come back someday with her hubby so I don't have to worry about her cutting her trip short.  Surely it will many months before I see her again but we both know that it really doesn't matter how long we have been apart, because when we reconnect, it will be just like yesterday.  

Scarf for Chris and his son Thomas. I was able make a bandana style bib for Thomas.

The day we took Lorna to see Capitola Beach.

Mini Martinis from Shadowbrook. Lorna had the two in the middle and I drank the one on each end.

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