Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sneak Sunday - Football day

SNEAK -An offensive play in which the quarterback, immediately on receiving the snap dives forward with the ball. The play is used when a team needs a very short gain to reach either the goal line or the line to gain.

Beginning today, I will learning a new football terminology in order for me to understand the game and really enjoy it.  Although I have the basic knowledge which I learned from my friend Andre during a return flight from Amsterdam to Toronto.  I guess we couldn't sleep on the flight and no good movie to watch.  So he took out a pad of paper and started explaining the game.  Today my favorite team (New England Patriots) won and during the second quarter they had three touchdowns within 57 seconds.  It was an exciting game that each touchdown, Jeff would hear me saying Wwwhhhaaattt!.  Not only am I going to learn the lingo, I also plan to get to know the players and the rest of the team.  Right now, I just know Brady as the quarterback and Grankowski as the receiver.  Ooops, I just remembered the name of the head coach - I call him BB (Bill Belichik).  This post must be boring to some of my readers except maybe a few of the boys. Not only do I watch football on Sunday, I also watch Monday and Thursday night.  Even if my team is not playing, I watch it to see the different type of plays and actually get it. As for Christmas gift, I am adding this to my list, a navy blue T-shirt with the Patriot's team logo.  I'm sending my letter to Santa now to ensure delivery.

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  1. Luckie, that is so cool that you like football and even learning some it's terminologies. I know a lot of folks, esp. on the ladies' side will strike up
    a yawn (their auto line of defense, lol) upon hearing football, so way to go!