Saturday, October 11, 2014

Simply Saturday - My new bed ensemble

It must have been all those beautiful fall colors that inspired me to start looking for a a new duvet cover for our bed.  After checking several stores, I ended up buying it at Kohl's using my the discount that my MIL gave me for this week.  Today I decided to make some new decorative pillows to match our new bed ensemble.  Two of the pillows were the right size and I thought of just making a new cover.  The one accent pillow was a different shape and I actually did not have enough material so I just used left over fabrics.  My friend Jean was over last night and she was giving some ideas on what color to use as accents.  She couldn't believe that I did all that sewing just this morning.  I asked Jean, my sister and my daughter to pick one arrangement of the new pillows.  Introducing my new spring like bed ensemble which makes me really happy every time I go into our bedroom.

My sister liked this arrangement.

No one chose this one.

Jean and Alysia liked this one.  Notice the word on the lace of the middle pillow.
All three pillows were made within a couple of hours. I was very pleased with what I had accomplished this morning.  It was nice to have left over fabrics, lace and buttons.

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