Friday, October 10, 2014

Friendship Friday - Thank you

Friendship is sometimes complicated but most of the time is just easy, fun and amazing.  Last month I was very lucky to be able to reconnect with some of my BFF's and special friends and of course my immediate family.  It was also a beginning of new friendship which makes life full and complete.  Today I wanted to acknowledge those friends that made my trip so special.  Of course I am so grateful that I was able to spend time with my daughter and her hubby who has a very busy work schedule.
  • Percy - thank you for everything.  The road trip was short but sweet and I am glad I did not have to experience "quiet time".
  • Rose and Lulu - thank you for taking the time to hang out including our golf and casino day but mostly just talking and sharing about life, reminiscing and how to fold t-shirt.
  • Lorna - thank you for having us for part of the weekend during your moving days. Percy and I had a good time organizing one of the rooms.  I wish I could have stayed longer to assist you with your closet.
  • Bob and Jacinta - thank you for getting everyone in Ottawa to come out and meet us for drinks at the pub.  It was such a nice surprise to see the rest of the gang.
  • Catherine - thank you for taking time off your busy schedule and meeting Alysia and I for lunch.  I'm sorry that I was not there 100% but I know you understand.
  • Al, Christy and Maricris - Thank you for lunch and for taking the time to hang out.
  • Manny and Carolina - I'm so glad you guys were so flexible in getting together for dinner, last minute plan and it all worked out.
  • Marg - Maybe nextime I'll try to stay a little longer than half an hour but I am still glad that we were able to see each other even for a short time.
  • Sandy - Spending the day with you in the country and seeing all the changing of leaves was very peaceful.  The side trip that we took made my visit more complete. Thank you.
  • Russ - thank you for making a detour to meet us for lunch. I hope you did not miss the appointment with that guy.  Hopefully you enjoyed the treats along the way.
  • To all my friends who attended the Wednesday get together at Lone Star, thank you for taking the time so we could all reconnect.
  • To my friends who worked downtown, thank you for letting me in the building in order to reconnect with you guys.
  • Alex and Jamie, it was a fun-filled awesome wedding.  You two will have a happy married life for many many years.  Jeff and I had a great time and it was nice to reconnect with other friends from our work.
  • Anna - thank you for getting up earlier in order to meet us for lunch, then coffee and a ride to the airport.  It was nice to take the airport train from T3 to T1.
  • Alysia and Mike - Thank you for showing us what downtown living is like and of course all the training of how to take public transportation.  It was fun but sometimes a little overwhelming.

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