Thursday, October 30, 2014

Tradesman Thursday - Jeff of all traits and a master of some

On Monday afternoon on my way home from golf I noticed a weird sound each time I stepped on the breaks.  I was a bit worried so I stopped at a gas station just to do a cursory check just in case there was something stuck on the wheels or tires.  When I did not see anything, I thought it must be the break pads.  As soon as I got home, I explained that sound to Jeff as two metals grinding together.  He knew exactly what I was talking about.  That same night we went to O'Reily auto supplies for some break pads.  Although it was already late, Jeff decided to work on my car to ensure that it will be available for me for the next day.  Before moving here, I would spend quite a bit of money each time I take my car to a mechanic.  Now a days, Jeff is my mechanic.  He would rotate my tires, change oil, change break pads, maintain the air pressure, as well as washing and detailing my car.  Am I lucky or what!  So you might be wondering what other tradesman can he be.  Here's a few of them.
Carpenter or construction worker - he learned a lot from his dad who was a Carpenter
Plumber - it's not one of his favorite but he can do from the simplest repair to some complicated problem.

Electrician - now his son has become one and soon to be a journeyman.
Tiler - Jeff has done some beautiful tile work in our home.
Mechanic- with Jeff there is no waiting time and no added cost.
Gardener/landscaper/tree trimmer - he is learning a lot about planting different vegetables and fruits.
And for his day job, he designs something like this - PC Board.


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