Thursday, October 23, 2014

Trendy Thursday - Shopping with my BFF

Last week while my friend Lorna was visiting, I took her to some of her favorite stores.  One day we spent part of the day at Valley Fair Mall and had lunch at California Kitchen Pizza.
Then in the evening we took her to check out Santana Row and had a chance to stop for some chai latte and pastry.  Since she was doing a bit of Christmas shopping, I decided to take her to Gilroy outlet to get some of the real bargains.  It has been our tradition that when we get together, we always buy something the same.  Whether it's a simple t-shirt, a nice top or a fashion ring.  This trip, we did all of that.  Our matching t-shirt was from CK, the classy top is from the LOFT (Ann Taylor) and our fashion ring was from a local jewellery store in Capitola.  Almost forgot the shopping she did at KOHLS which was quick since both my MIL and myself were looking for the sale items.  The best part is that she left me with a $50 Kohls cash to use the next time I shop at Kohls.   

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