Sunday, October 5, 2014

Seafood Sunday - Freshness at its best

Lobsters, crabs, mussels, oysters, etc.  I once heard someone said he was trying a new diet,
a seafood diet, he sees food, he eats food.  A little corny but that's what happened while visiting the Maritimes.  Their seafood were so fresh that you cannot help but try them all.
I was going to just eat lobsters every night for dinner while we were there but after two big meals, I really cannot eat as much.  Everyone recommended to eat different types of seafood and I did.  There are no words to describe but I thought I'll just share the photos of our meals and you can decide yourself.  The good part of all these dining out during our vacation is that I came home, got on the scale and I am the same weight when I left.  

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