Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tailored Tuesday - Not really but close enough

Yesterday morning I asked Jeff to put our little flag holder outside with my Canadian flag.  After searching the garage and inside our home, he could not find it.  I have been wanting to make a seasonal flag for our outside front door.  There's several flags that you can buy but some of them are a little too expensive for me.  What usually happens if I want something, I end up making it.  It so happens that I have some left over fabric from making potato bags, etc.  Although I have never done this type of flag, I thought I will just wing it and be creative.  I started measuring the holder for the hanging part and the length that I need.  It took all of an hour and a half to finish my first seasonal flag.  The colors are just in time for autumn but with the flowers growing it's like spring.  Anyway, introducing the flower flag.

The sun in the corner makes the flowers bloom.

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