Saturday, November 1, 2014

Soulful Saturday - Remembering our loved ones

In some countries today is celebrated as All Souls Day.  When I was growing up this was the day to spend time with relatives at the graveyard aka cemetery.  We start early in the morning cleaning around the area where our relatives are buried.  Candles are lit for the whole day and beautiful fresh flower arrangements are laid in front of the tombstone.  This particular place that we go to is one of the largest memorial park (I prefer this name).  Since we spend the whole day there with our family and even friends, we end up having lunch and dinner there - kinda weird now when I think of it - but then everyone is doing it.  Another thing that is so different is that there are people playing music, or playing their guitar and other instrument.  It becomes a happy event but still very respectful of the dead.  There are also people who pray continuously throughout the day.  There are those who chose to have a priest or minister stop by and bless the soul of their loved ones.  When darkness comes, it is a peaceful sight to see with all the candles lighting the whole area.  Today let us pause for a moment to remember our loved ones, our friends and all those who gave up their lives for us.

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