Thursday, October 9, 2014

Truthful Thursday - Small town hospitality

It's truly amazing how small town folks are genuinely polite, kind, helpful, and friendly.  We experienced so much of this while we were touring the Maritimes aka Atlantic provinces of Canada.  You wouldn't believe what this man who was just doing his job on a beautiful Thursday morning.  He actually stopped three lanes of traffic going towards the bridge to Halifax.  He did this for me who was a little confused and had missed my exit which was by the way, was not marked, there was literally no sign.  Apparently everyone from there knows that exit.  I was a little funny because I was almost in tears because I'm petrified of bridges specially high ones.  Aside from the fear, I wasn't even destined to cross that bridge
I needed to exit so I can find my hotel in Dartmouth.  


When asking for directions, the people are so helpful without hesitation.  One night we had dinner at a newly open bar with a pool table but serves Chinese food.  Different but great bartender who took care of us and had a great time tasting several types of local beer.  Some of the wonderful people I met was Louise from New Brunswick (great sightseeing tips)and Susan from Halifax (enjoyed her company on the Ferry).  We also met some really nice people while staying at the Summerside Inn.  Margaret and Harry from Winnipeg, Manitoba who actually know exactly where Cranberry Portage is. 

The one disappointment we encountered was this female who was traveling on the GO train at the Toronto's main station downtown.  Since we are not so familiar with their platform #s
we made a mistake of asking this particular female where #11 was.  Her response was "GO  find it". only to find out that she was also headed for the same direction on the same platform on the same train. I guess some of these people are getting tired of tourists asking for directions.  I guess this is big city attitude.  This is an isolated incident, right.  After all, Canadians are known to be polite, friendly and just plain nice people. 

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