Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Tasty Tuesday - Thanksgiving treats

Trying something different this past thanksgiving was definitely a treat.  Jeff and I took a short road trip towards Clearlake in a small town called Nice.  It was quaint, low stress but a little cold as it was over looking this beautiful lake.  The place was called Featherbed Railroad B&B.  We stayed for a couple of nights and met some wonderful people specially the new owners of this place.  The day after we made the booking, the owner June called to ask if we would like to join them for Thanksgiving dinner.  Anyway, the whole trip was just a nice way to relax and not worry about cooking, cleaning, etc.  Here's some of the tasty food we had and also some of the foods we tried at a couple of restaurants.  

Very large Beignets at Huckleberry's

Fish of the day at Boathouse Bar and Grill

Breakfast at Feather Bed Railroad B&B

Porkchop entree at Boathouse

My thanksgiving plate at FBRBB

The dessert table during Thanksgiving-notice the mini pecan tarts (I made)

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