Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tolerable Tuesday - Our first cold/flu of the season

There was no escaping from this seasonal health issue during the winter time.  Everyone is coughing, sneezing or whatever type of illness they have.  It's very hard to avoid unless you just stay at home for the rest of the holiday season and hibernate, like the bears.  I was trying very hard not to be around people who are sick or just recovering from their illness.  Doing all the right things, like drinking lots of liquids and getting more natural vitamin C and of course getting a lot of rest and sleep, not to forget washing hands as many times as you can.  This year I decided not to get the flu shot because it seems like each year I get the shot, two weeks later I get sick.  So far so good until last night when Jeff said he has a sore throat and by this morning, he has the achy muscles and not feeling healthy.  Now whatever it is that we picked up is in our home and it will only take time for me to get it.  Last night I decided to make some sort of hot beverage to help with Jeff's sore throat.  I boiled some ginger, lemon, cinnamon, nutmeg, honey, brown sugar and apple juice.  It was a very tasty drink and you can definitely taste the ginger as you finish the drink.  This morning I made another batch for my morning hot drink.  Maybe this is the secret, I feel much better already.  There's only 10 days left before Christmas and I am trying to stay healthy and happy.

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Stay away from these types.

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Get lots of this.
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Continue doing this.

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Do this as many times as needed.

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