Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Thirtysomething Tuesday - Alysia's day

Today's post is all about my daughter because it's her special day.  Happy birthday Alysia!

Forgetting to send you a birthday car is not my usual way
That's why I am writing a poem to hopefully make your day.
I got all excited to make sure the package would not be delayed
You know you're worth every dollar and cent that I paid.

I wish I was there to celebrate this day with you
But I know you have great friends and amazing work crew.
Maybe next year we can plan something totally new
To celebrate the big important birthday in a room with a view.

So here's some photos that I found to help you reminisce 
Some of the special years gone by, lots of them I truly miss.
I wish you good luck, great health and a life full of bliss
May your birthday wish come true, here's a hug and a kiss.

Image result for hug

 Image result for birthday cake

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