Friday, December 25, 2015

Fretful Friday- but I'm trying

Each year I have written a Christmas poem that becomes my card for my son Gino.  I would place it outside the niche at Glen Oaks.  After I moved to Cali, I would send the card electronically and my daughter and her Dad would place it for me.  As the years go by, I have just kept the card but post it on my blog to share.  It's my hope that maybe some other mother would find comfort reading them.  This year I have been fretting on writing another poem.  I would sit in front of my lap top trying to start but I would just stare at a blank card as there are no words coming nor ideas.  Yesterday I couldn't forgive myself if I did not do anything for my son this Christmas.  I'm trying very hard to be in that mood for Christmas because I don't it's fair for Jeff.  So I started gather some materials and sure enough I completed my card.  It's simple but it's from the heart and I know he can see it.  If he was alive what gift would I give him, probably a plane ticket to spend Christmas with us  here.  And I wonder what he would have given to me.  Because I know he is such a caring and thoughtful son, he would have given something golf related or something related to music.  

And I know Gino would like this song for Christmas so I am hoping you would like it too.


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