Saturday, December 5, 2015

Salt and Pepper Saturday - Very interesting sets

Black for pepper and White for salt, this is the usual color of shaker for this every seasoning pair.  We have one on our dining table that is simple black and white caps on a small bottle but we also have one set of interesting one that my MIL gave us a long time ago.   Some people collect these interesting sets but not exactly use them as they are just items that collects dust.  The one we have is actually being used on a day to day.  While we were staying at the B&B last week, I noticed that all the sets are different and of course interesting.  The only way to explain them is just share the photos that I took.  Do you a special S&P shaker?  Do you like the ones that are on the same container and dispenses from each end?  

This is what my MIL gave us as it reminds her of Jeff and I.

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