Thursday, December 3, 2015

Target Thursday - Early Christmas Shopping

Shopping is only fun when you are not rushing and not being in long line ups or bumping to every other shopper.  Some people shop as early as January and continue shopping throughout the year and of course there are many others just love the last minute kind.  For us we like doing it about a little over a month prior to Christmas.  Before we went out of town for Thanksgiving, we manage to do most of our Christmas shopping at Target.  It was after dinner time and it was not as busy and was surprised we completed it within the hour.  Although we might have to go another time to do the last few items on the last but it might be just online shopping.  Now a days it's getting harder and harder to buy gifts because the older ones almost have everything they need.  As for younger one, they are only interested if the gifts are TOYS.  If they open the gift and it's some sort of clothing, it just gets tossed on the side.  As the years go by I think that it's more practical to give through the year if you find something special that a family or friend might enjoy.  Why wait and lose the excitement of whatever item you might have found.  As for my Christmas list,  I have an imaginary one just for fun and for this blog.

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