Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Touchdown Tuesday - If the Patriots. . .

Only 47 days left before the Superbowl and some of the fans are going to be disappointed as their team won't make it.  Luckily my team has the top spot of the AFC East.  Although I know that there's still a few more weeks of the regular season, I am very hopeful that the Patriots will at least get to the Conference Championship.  So I suggested to Jeff that if the Patriots make it to the Superbowl, then we will definitely have a party.  The only drawback is that the majority of our friends are SF49ers fan.  But I am hoping that if they like football, they would still watch the Superbowl, no matter what teams are playing.  I am not sure if you are following the NFL, but this year Superbowl is in our area.  The Levi's Stadium is hosting it and the city has been busy with some of the preparations.  Since we are not into big crowds, we will watch it from the comfort of our living room.  At some point I will have to send the invite, plan the menu and figure how to make that square for the game.  Here some of the ideas for the party's menu.  I am promoting Jeff to be the Beverage Manager for that day.  Maybe I can make up some football trivia or some fun game. 

Deep fried oreos for dessert.
Image result for chili for super bowl party
Guy's three beans chili

Image result for buffalo chicken balls

Texas Hold-Ums
Sliders of some sort.

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