Thursday, December 10, 2015

TIny Thursday - The Miniature Nativity

Only 15 days before Christmas and I can't wait until then to show you my latest project.  While doing our decorations for the holidays, I realized that we don't have a Nativity scene.  I didn't want anything fancy or big since we don't have a lot of space for it.  As you know this year I have been loving the Minions.  Are you getting excited?  The other night while shopping for additional gifts, I noticed a package of minions, a total of eight.  Then the idea
came and soon enough, we found ourselves getting busy to create our first MINIONS Nativity Scene.  Please look closer as you can find everyone on the stable which Jeff made.  While I dress up each and every minion with their characters, I could not stop laughing every time I finish one.  It brought so much joy that night and now I present to you the tiny nativity scene.  Don't forget to let your friends and family view this blog if this post brought a little joy in your heart.

 In case you are wondering who are the other characters, On the right behind the two kings are the Innkeeper.  There are two extra shepherds behind the king who brought gold.  Can you find an owl?  Well, that's just a bonus as I did not have time to make an angel. 

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