Thursday, December 17, 2015

Textile Thursday - Too late to start

Too late to start now, that's what I said after I found out that some of my friends were looking to buy some craft items that I have made.  When I looked at my supply, I found out there were only a few left.  My friend actually bought the last kitchen towels that I made.  I have been contemplating on what I need to make and wondering about new ideas.  A couple of days ago, I made three towels because that's all that I had.  It turned out ok and my friend wanted it so I put it aside for her.  Now there's only less than two weeks before Christmas and I'm too late.  Maybe next year I would need to make some each month so by the time December comes around, I don't have to rush trying to finish the items.  Does this sound like a new year's resolution? Maybe I just need to get a little more organize or maybe play less golf?  Is this possible? For those of you who haven't even started their shopping, better get out and complete your list and don't forget to check it twice.

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