Friday, December 11, 2015

Fried Friday - Oreos anyone?

Have you ever tried Deep Fried Oreos?  Do you ever wonder how they make them?  I thought it would be very greasy and the cookie will just melt.  Until one morning when Jeff made pancake and there were some batter left.  I thought maybe I could use this to try making deep fried oreos.  We finished our breakfast and I took a small pot and filled it half with oil.  I made sure it was hot enough and I took one Thin Oreo, dipped it in the batter just enough to coat it and placed it slowly in the pot.  I used one of this tiny wire scooper to turn it once and as soon as it turned light brown, I remove it and laid it on some paper towel.  I remember that the ones we ate at the restaurant had some sprinkle of powdered sugar.  I only made four and we couldn't wait to taste them.  It was so yummy, not greasy and not overly sweet.  It seems like that using THIN oreos were perfect.  Of course I took photos to show how close I got to the ones served at the restaurant.  So anytime you ran out of ideas for dessert to make, try it out, it's quick and simple and you should have all the ingredients in your pantry.

Restaurant Version

My version without raspberries and chocolate sauce.

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