Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sentimental Sunday - I keep them because

I needed a little black sweater as the weather gets colder in the morning.  There was a couple of different black ones but I opted with a special one.  It is an older sweater that my daughter gave me a long time ago.  Surprisingly enough, it still fits me.  I decided to take a photo of it and send it to my daughter to check if she still remembers it.  This is not the only one that I have kept.  There is also a special black sandals that is just sitting in my shoe holder.  Although I can't wear them anymore because it has more inches on the hills than I can handle, I am keeping it for sentimental reasons.  When I checked my closets and drawers I found some more items that I made sure was included in my moving boxes.  Only a few items are from my daughter but many more are from my son.  I remember when I first arrived and opened some of the boxes, I could not find the two memory cards for the PS2 console.  I searched every box, every bag and everything that I took with me.  Every time I think of it, I began to feel sad because it was from my son's collection that I kept.  Luckily when I went back to visit Canada, I found the tiny box inside another luggage that I forgot to get from my friend's garage.  It was a happy day and promised myself that I will never part with it.  Sometimes I wear the grey hoodie that my son use to wear and sometimes I wear one of his old t-shirt.  Maybe for some it might not be the right thing but when I do this, it comforts me specially on days like today.  The holidays are around the corner and this is when memories of Gino is very much in my mind and in my heart.  Sunday is Gino's day.


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