Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wellness Wednesday - Taking care of yourself

When someone reaches the age of 90 without having a lot of health issues, one would think that the person really did a great job looking after themselves.  Aside from maybe the hearing is not perfect and maybe unable to walk for hours, I think the person is doing great.
In fact the person still volunteers at the Senior's center serving lunch to other seniors.  You can see her sometime in her garden pulling weeds.  Other days you would see her walking to the post office to mail letters or cards for her friends or family.  Although she loves sweets, she does not have Diabetes.  She's raised three children, babysat her grandson and took care of her husband during the last few years of his illness.  It would be interesting to actually ask what her secret is.  During the first couple of years, I use to pick her up and my MIL to go to our volunteer work at the Senior's centre.  She did as much work as I did and she was happy. Jeff could still remember the time he saw them walking for miles and offered a ride home, they both refused and continued walking.  Of course this was at least 25 years ago, but at the age 90 and still able to walk a couple of blocks each way is amazing.  Her name is Sylvia and I want to be like her when I grow old.

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