Friday, March 20, 2015

Freaking Friday - I lost it?

Losing someone is the worst feeling ever.  What is the second worst feeling? Losing your phone.  This would never happen a long time ago because we did not have cell phone.  Now a days it's like your best friend.  All of the things you do and need are on the small little electronic item.  So what was freaky today.  Well, it all began when I got home from being out with my friend Katrina.  We had a nice leisurely lunch and then some window and mini shopping.  The last store we stopped I recall taking my phone out to check my message.  Shortly after I remember being at the cashier paying my items.  Then I took my friend home and I drove straight home.  I unpacked my bag and decided to watch the recorded tennis match.  Not even a few minutes I thought of turning the sound on my phone just in case I ended up napping.  I got my purse and there was no phone.  OMG, panic attack.  I took my purse and drove to the last store thinking it would be there.  There was no return or no sign of my phone.  I was sick to my stomach all the way on my drive home.  When I got home Jeff met me at the door, I told him "I lost my phone", I started crying and could not stop.  I thought of calling Katrina to see if she would remember anything.  I went to the kitchen to make the call.  Lo and behold, I saw my phone case sitting in the dining table.  OMG, again.  I guess I don't remember taking my phone out immediately after I got home.  A couple of hours of panic attack and stress had a happy ending.  My blood sugar result was so high as a result of my freaking out.  The funny thing is that I did not even check the house before leaving or thinking of call my own number in case it was somewhere around the home.  There is a lesson learned here.  I am not a person that loses a lot of item on a regular basis.  I have reunited with my phone, embraced it and promise not to part with it again.  At the end of the day, it's only a material thing that can be replaced, so technically it's not the worst feeling.  Only losing someone you love is the worst feeling ever and ever.

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