Friday, March 13, 2015

Faulty Friday - Same price different quality

Once a week we try to do something that we love doing as part of our entertainment or date night.  It could be bowling, billards or going out with couple friends.  The good part of shooting pool is that we just need two people, so that is Jeff and I.  Although sometimes we play for free at our friends home G and J because they have one at their rec room.  But we can't really keep asking can we come over and shoot pool.  That is why we have started going to this place where they have a few tables but it's really a bowling place.  They charge $15 per hour.  The last time we were there we noticed that the tables were dirty, there were so many marks as if someone took a knife and just slashed areas on both sides of the table.  We also couldn't find the triangle and chalks.  Their cue sticks were all bent and the tips are bald.
Although Jeff and I have our own cue stick so that was not an issue.  Even the chalk since I have my own as well as the file cube to smooth the tip.  You would think I am a pool shark because I have my own supplies in a nice suede case which I made many moons ago.  Just before we left the table, Jeff noticed that one of the pockets had some money left, so I guess it was our lucky day.  We walked out because we couldn't see paying that much for such crappy tables and service.  The other place we checked is called Cuetopia.  It's a real pool hall with many tables that are clean and the condition of the tables were excellent.  The service was great too, they bring your drink if you wish to have one.  They play great music that is not too loud.  The balls are very new and shiny.  Their cue sticks are clean and not all bent and in good condition.  Their price, $7.50 per person per hour.  Guess what, it's the same as that other place.  Now we are happy to have found a place that we can go to shoot pool.  During the week their rates are half the price between 12-4 pm.  Only problem is who am I going to play against. I guess if I am truly board, I can practice.  Then I might get too good and beat Jeff.  Did I ever tell you the story about the time during a new year's eve party at Jeff's friends home? They had a pool table and the rule was who ever wins stays on the table and keeps playing until some beats that person.  I stayed in the table the whole time as no one could beat me.  That was the night that Jeff proposed. After midnight, one guy kept asking me to play again because I beat him and he could not accept it.  I beat him two more times.  Then it was time for us to go home. 

Image result for billiard balls
This is how shiny the balls were at Cuetopia.

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