Sunday, March 1, 2015

Showers Sunday - I can't believe it's hail

First day of March and the forecast for the next few days - chance of showers and or rain.  It started yesterday when the clouds became really dark.  We were out and about and by the time we got home, it started to rain hard.  There were some thunder and lightning.  And then Jeff called me to check out what was falling in the backyard.  At first I didn't want to believe it but I can hear it.  It was actually hailing.  Not big but enough to make a particular sound when it hits the deck.  Of course I took a picture to prove it.  I'm sure most of my friends in Canada will be making fun of this.  It's so small you will have to zoom in to really see it.  But the fact that it is hail, it means that the temperature is cold to produce frozen rain.  It's hail.

Can you see it?  It's that white tiny spot somewhere in the middle of the photo.

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