Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tasty Tuesday - Mofongo

As weather gets warmer and nicer, we try to enjoy the outdoors.  On the way home from our road trip this past Saturday, we stop by for some dinner in the downtown of Santa Rosa, California.  This is the home of Guy Fieri of tripple D.  Although we did not eat at one of his restaurants (we have been to at least three of them), we were in their heart of downtown.  We wanted to try the Russian River Brewing Company but when we drove by the line up was at least a half a block.  We decided to just park somewhere and walk around to see where it takes us.  The first street corner we cross we saw a place called El Coqui - a Puerto Rican cuisine.  As soon as we entered we were immediately seated, pure luck.  Anyway there were so many things in the menu I wanted to try but of course I can only eat a small amount.
Jeff found a nice prawns in garlic dinner and I opted to try a couple of appetizers.  One of them is called Mofongo.  I have seen this dish featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.  So I had to try it.  It's plantain mashed up and deep fried.  Inside there's a surprise and I chose the chicharones (crispy pork rind).  The other item was their empanadilla.  Both were so delicious and bursting with flavor.  The only issue was that it was very heavy and my stomach felt so full and I had a mild cramp all the way home.  I guess it was too rich for my tummy.


Garlic shrimp with black beans, yellow rice and sweet plantain.

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