Sunday, March 22, 2015

Springlike Sunday - He bought me flowers

Remember Neil Diamond's song " you don't bring me flowers"?  Although Jeff doesn't really bring me flowers except maybe a couple of times when we were still dating,  he actually buys flowering plants for our garden.  Technically he bought them and planted them for me so I can enjoy them bloom in our garden.  Last Friday was the first of spring and all the starter plants/flowers are on sale.  We decided to pick a few to add to the front yard garden.  Some of the plants have died and some are looking very sickly.  Hopefully the ones we got will thrive and blooms just in time for summer.  Actually I don't get involve in the planting nor the weeding, but I like looking at them when they start to bloom.  I helped him pick the type of flowering plants and maybe a little bit on where to plant them.  There were some other plants that needed to be transferred to a bigger pots which I was able to do.  Here's the latest selection of flowers that will be in our front yard this weekend.


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  1. Oh my! It's so sweet of Jeff to give you seeds to grow out in pots, rather than give you a bouquet grown by someone else. Growing your own floral garden means you can share them with everyone else. Anyway, the flowers look amazing! I especially love how healthy the African Daisies have grown. Thanks for sharing that! All the best to you! :)

    Geneva Brooks @ Bayside Just Because