Saturday, March 28, 2015

Salvadoran Saturday - Pupusas anyone?

Once a week I take my MIL to her weekly errands.  We usually start mid morning with whatever is on the list.  If for some reason there is nothing urgent, we would just pick a place to walk or do some sort of window shopping.  Of course we would have to stop for lunch which is usually an adventure.  Before she met me I am sure she did not like going to certain restaurants because she was not to thrilled about trying new stuff.  Now a days she is very open to trying whatever it is that I would pick.  She also had a lot of experience when my cousins stayed with her and they would take her everywhere and try all new fusion of food.
This past week we decided to try the El Salvadoran restaurant that I have been searching and finally found it.  It's a smaller family owned restaurant but the food is authentic.  We stop after the lunch hour crowd which was perfect.  Because we were not familiar with their menu, it took us to make our choice.  One thing I know for sure is that I will be coming back to try their desserts.  Here's what we had for lunch.  Unfortunately we did not try the pupusas which is what they are famous for.  

Bass filet with vegetables, rice beans and salad.

Fried chicken breast with the same sides as above.
Pupusería Los Dubon - Closeup of the Pupusas - Campbell, CA, United States
Pupusas - there were so many different filling it was hard to choose, maybe next time.

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