Monday, March 30, 2015

Mystery Monday - Let me try again

Actually it is not a mystery what happened to those beautiful assortment of flowers that Jeff planted last weekend.  We bought the flowers for our front yard on Saturday.  Jeff planted them on Sunday.  I enjoyed looking at them on Monday and appreciated all his work.  Guess what happened to Tuesday.  Well, all the flowers were gone and all was left was a little bit of stems and the roots.  By the way, they (meaning the squirrels) also ate all the different herb plants that Jeff planted on the same day.  This weekend we were out and about and saw the flower sale at Orchard supply.  They were so pretty and so we thought we would try again or I should say Jeff will try again.  The annoying part is that it costs to buy these starters and Jeff works very hard to make the front yard look beautiful.  We try not to buy the ones that we know the squirrels like to eat but we can't seem to figure it out as they seem to just eat them all.  Anyway I am showing you the assortment that we got and will keep you posted on their growth or the mystery behind the disappearance of these flowers.  I know it's too harsh but we are truly beginning to hate those squirrels.

There are six different types of flowers with six starter each.

This Geranium has lived for over 3 years because it's indoors.
I'm trying to get some roots for these baby spider plant and eventually place in a hanging planter.

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