Thursday, March 26, 2015

Tireless Thursday - Just keep going

Sometimes my friends ask me if I ever get tired of golf or tennis or volunteering or just being retired.  A few of my friends who retired actually ended up going back to work part time.  There are days when I think I have extra time and have nothing special to do that I think maybe I should find a part time or full time job.  But after a few hours of reasoning out, I ended up saying no to myself.  Living in a nice area where the weather is temperate, it's not hard to be outdoors a lot.  When I wake up in the morning and I feel good then I take advantage of that.  The best benefit of being retired is that you can make your own schedule.  I have to make sure that I enjoy each and everyday of whatever it is I am doing. Today's a good way to start enjoying your day whatever it is that you like doing.  In case you have not started making plans about how to enjoy life, today might be the perfect day.  Go out there and be happy.  Spend time with family and friends as much as you can.  And if you are feeling healthy and have lots of energy, then just keep going because you never know when you might not feel at your best.  

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