Saturday, March 14, 2015

Surprise Saturday - My daughter is amazing

While having breakfast with Jeff on Thursday morning, we heard the mail lady knock to advice us there is a package.  Since I saw it was an Amazon box, I just assumed it was for Jeff.  Then Jeff showed it to me and saw that it was from my daughter.  I got so excited because I was not aware she was sending me anything because I don't remember asking for anything.  She really knows how to keep it a secret so it's a surprise.  I tried that several times but I get so excited, I ended up telling her about the package I am sending.  We opened the box and what a nice surprise.  We receive some sweet things and something that Jeff and I had been looking for.  A couple of years ago, my daughter gave Jeff this special kitchen utensils to be used when he makes his scrambled eggs and ham for breakfast.  Sometimes last year, Jeff was using it and the phone rang, answered it and he forgot about the utensil in the pot and it all melted.  He felt so bad because it was my daughter's gift and it was his favorite.  Now Jeff is all happy that he has his favorite tool and he promise to take care of it.  So check out all the sweet things from my sweet daughter.  What a nice surprise!

Wunderbar is my favorite and Smarties is for Jeff and we will share the Kinder surprise.

Jeff's new kitchen tool for making his breakfast.

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