Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thinset Thursday - Laticrete 254

I know, I know.  You are reading the title and you are probably wondering what in the world am I drinking.  Is that a prescribed drug?  A new face cream?  This is a new task that Jeff said I could do when I am bored.  When do I really get bored, I ask?  Anyway,  the Laticrete 254 thinset is a type of glue or paste or mortar that is specially used for applying tile on tile.  Unless you are in the flooring business or like my friend Lynn who likes shopping at Home Depot, Lowes or Rona, then you probably have not heard of this.  I need to find a local store in the San Jose area that sells this so we can check it first and then buy if it actually works.  I've started my search and although available online, Jeff needs to see it first.  This is why I started my search of different local stores and started calling to see if they actually carry this item in their store.  Honestly I enjoy doing it for Jeff because I like to help him out with all the different projects he has in our home.  Unfortunately I cannot help him with the manual labor because it requires strength, bending, kneeling, etc.  One time he was searching for a cement block 16 x 16 and could not find them at HD, Lowes and OSH.  It took me a couple of phone calls and found a store locally.  There was another time he needed something and I helped him and found whatever item he was looking for.  Well, I need to start my telephone calls so I can surprise him tonight when he gets home.

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