Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sweet Sunday - What makes it

Sweet is such a nice word.  When you do something for someone and they say to you "Oh you are so sweet" that makes me feel really appreciated.  When you have a friend, a guy friend that does a lot of little things unexpectedly, you tell him that he is such a sweet guy.  Talking about a sweet guy.  One of my other BFF is celebrating his 49th birthday today.  Mike aka "the lawnmower man" another inside joke.  He lives in Brampton, Ontario and he is one of the boys or one of the guys.  He's been a friend for a very long time.  There was a time when I had to stay away from him for some odd reason but eventually we were back to being the way we were - great friends.  So today I hope that he is having a wonderful day and that someone is being sweet to him. 
This is Mike and my daughter taken at my retirement party.  My daughter thinks of them(Boys) as her uncles.
Since I am not there to bake a cake for him, here's a photo of a cake that I would have given him for this his special day.  Next year is even more special because it's the big 50.  Oh my, now I feel really old because I just realized I'm eleven years older than him.  

A very sweet cake for a real sweet friend.  Happy Birthday Mike W!

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